Latest Promotions

  • cute-cat $39.90

    Weighted Cute Cat


    Approx 1.2kg weighted furry cuddly cute cat.
    Washable. Filled with crystal chips.

  • slant-board $120.00

    Slant Board


    A writing board angled 20 degrees to maximize a student’s success with writing. This board is angled to improve both writing posture and learning posture.It is non-breakable, lightweight, and easy to transport. The board also contains a large metal clip and no slip-discs, so papers can be held in place without sliding.

  • shake-wiggler $9.50

    Shake Wiggler


    Fun for everyone and creates instant interest for withdrawn or low-functioning clients. Wiggler with easy-to-grip wood handle and soft rubber top. Just shake to create amazing sounds. 5″L.
    Sold Individually

New Arrivals!

  • Mini Grabber $3.90

    5” Mini Muncher


    You’ll love this tiny new version of our Claw Grabbers, they work just like the big ones! A fun little fine motor skills therapy tool for building pincer grasps, fine motor skills, and finger strength. Use these fun tongs for kids for sorting, counting, and learning activities. Colour May Vary


    Assorted Colours     *Randomly Selected & Sold Individually*

  • Blow cup and ball $4.50

    Blow Cup & Ball


    Featuring colorful construction, convenient size and a subtle test of breath dexterity, these little toys are ideal for passing the time on road trips and more.

    Assorted Colours     *Randomly Selected & Sold Individually*

  • 99 $13.50

    Chewy Tube Red


    Chewy Tubes are an innovative oral motor device designed to provide a resilient, chewable surface for practicing biting and chewing skills. Helps improve jaw stability and provides valuable sensory input to the jaw. ½” Stem