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    Question Series: What and How


    This flashcard set helps children answer “How” and “What” questions in a fun, engaging way! Each how question requires only three simple steps to answer. What questions only require a one sentence answer. All of these flashcards also teach students to identify and label actions.

    This therapist designed flashcard set instantly engages children by focusing on everyday experiences they will quickly recognize. Some of the situations included in this set are: reading a book, blowing bubbles, playing t-ball, cooking, hugging a friend, feeding the ducks and much more.

    Parents, therapists and teachers will appreciate the high quality laminated photo cards. Use this set to progress through higher levels of communication. Begin using the cards to label actions. Next use the cards to teach students to answer “What” questions. Finally move on to teaching students to understand and answer a “How” question.

    This set works well with autism, pdd nos, speech and language delays or Aspergers. Use them in an ABA, VB , clinical or early intervention setting. A handy resource guide is also included with this set.

    40 Cards

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    Question Series: Entertainment


    The Entertainment Wh-Questions Set will have language delayed children answering “What”, “When”, “Where”, “Why” and “Who” in no time. This set consists of eight common events that children do for fun.  Each event is broken down into a five card sequence with questions prompting children through each Wh question.  Great pictures that focus on fun activities instantly engage students.  This best selling therapist designed set makes teaching WH questions so easy.

    Entertainment Wh-Questions set Includes
    Teachers and therapists will appreciate the 40 durable, high quality, laminated photo cards.  The front of each card has a clear photo of each sequence.  The back of each card clearly guides children through answering questions with specifically designed questions for the sequence.  Each cards size is 5″x3.5″.  Examples of fun activities include the beach, circus, movies, and more! The Entertainment Wh-Question set is great for your ABA, VB, special education or early intervention classroom.

    Entertainment Question Sequence
    (1 of 5) Why do you go to the aquarium?  To see fish (pictured above)
    (2 of 5) Where do the fish swim? In the water
    (3 of 5) What else lives in an aquarium? Plants and coral
    (4 of 5) When do you clap hands? When the dolphins do tricks
    (5 of 5) Which one is the stingray?

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    Learn To Talk About: Household Items

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    40 photo cards designed for use with Verbal Behaviour, ABA and Traditional Special Education

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    Theraputty X-Soft – Yellow


    Hand Exercise Material used for developing and maintaining grip strength. Size. 3oz


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    Chunky Canary Clothespin


    Darling canary clips provide a fun finger strengthening workout! You’ll love these thick and sturdy plastic 3″ canary clips that feature clothespin-like finger grips. A wonderful therapy toy for working on bilateral coordination, motor planning, eye-hand skills, and finger strength!

    Assorted Colours     *Randomly Selected & Sold Individually*

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    Squishy Jelly Grip


    Squishy jelly pencil grips are the squishiest, stretchiest pencil grips out there… they feel just like chewy jelly candy! Stack 3 or 4 of them on your pencil to provide irresistible tactile sensory input for sensory seekers. A great sensory diet tool for handwriting activities. Latex free.

    Assorted Colours & Designs    *Randomly Selected & Sold Individually*