Cognition & Games

  • $20.90

    Pattern Blocks Picture Cards


    Pattern Block Picture Cards are a perfect way to bring hands-on learning in the classroom. Pattern block cards are a colorful way to create familiar shapes while also building critical thinking skills and developing visual discrimination. This set includes 12 full-color cards measuring 8.5″ x 11″ each. Cards are large enough for young learners to place their pattern blocks right on top of the cards.

  • $42.50

    Pattern Blocks Picture Cards 2


    Bring new life to pattern blocks with our exclusive designs!
    Set of 20 cardboard cards challenges young learners to create exciting pictures and to develop math skills
    Packaged in a reusable plastic envelope
    Activity guide included
    Cards measure 10″W x 12″L each
    Pattern blocks not included

  • $53.50

    Spatial Relationship Playset


    Learning & understanding spatial relationships. Teach concepts such as left & right, top & bottom, behind, under, between & more.

    Consists of 4 wooden bases, 4 sets of 6 figures, 20 cards and activity guide.

  • $19.90

    Perspective Park




    Perspective Park is a fun game that can be played alone, with friends, parents or teachers. Arrange the Edu-Foam characters and scenery differently each time and discover their dimensional relationship. Includes 10 activity cards with 3 progressive levels.


  • $39.90

    Feelings Friend


    Feelings Friend encourages children to express their feelings more easily and at the same time, help them understand the facial expressions of other people. Feelings Friend includes illustrated cards so that children can understand the concepts quickly & easily. Feelings Friend consists of 1 doll per set.

    *Sold Individually*

  • $99.50

    Magnetic Car Matching Set


    Teaches visual discrimination and spatial relations. Helps improve classifying, patterning and fine motor skills. Includes 2 wooden boards, 18 pattern cards, 24 cars and 24 tyres. Total 69pieces

  • $39.90

    See & Spell


    Complete a puzzle to spell a word, while developing a sight reading vocabulary or use the letters for stenciling.

  • $98.50

    Jumbo Slot Foam Building


    Mix and match 5 different foam shapes to build a new creation every time. Foam is soft, safe and dense for long lasting durability. 40 pieces

  • $29.00

    Ring Construction Set


    Perfect for building tall, round towers or for interlinking to create a variety of patterns. Each measure 2” in diameter and approximately 1” in height, comes in 6 colours. 48 pieces in a pack. Container is not included

  • $46.50



    Squigz are fun to play! Squigz will stick to virtually any flat surface leaving no residue. Apply pressure to 2 Squigz, air rushes out & fun rushes in! They flex, they stick & they are full of creativity!
    25pcs in a pack.

  • $25.50

    Jumbo Pipetubes


    Mix and match these building tubes to create pipelines, telescopes or simple chains.  Encourages creativity and imaginative play. 40 pieces

  • $44.50

    Wooden Connectibles


    Connect these brightly painted wood manipulatives in limitless ways. Slots connect in every direction to form any 3 dimensional or flat multi linked designs.

  • $44.50

    Jumbo Connecting Disc


    Create an abstract masterpiece.  This set features a variety of easy to connect interlocking shapes. Largest piece measures about 4”L and smallest piece measures about 3”L. Total 96 pieces

  • $53.90

    Brilliant Builders


    Can make structures big enough to sit in. Set includes 130, 8 inch bending straws and 100 connectors. Total 230 pieces. Includes an idea book.

  • $120.00

    Tieramid Circle Set


    This brightly colored 22 piece wooden block set consists of six stackable disks. Included are a set of 48 picture cards which depict diagrams of different objects that can be constructed with the blocks. Children can practice sequential thinking & problem solving skills with the picture cards. Promotes creativity too!


  • $29.90

    Wooden Pattern Blocks


    Explore and analyze geometric shapes, dimensions and spatial relationships with these brightly coloured wooden blocks.125pieces

  • $1.50

    Growing Life Characters


    Soak these foam animals underwater for 24 – 48 hours and watch them grow. These make fun giveaways in treat bags.


    Assorted Designs *Randomly Selected & Sold Individually*

  • $2.00

    Slide Puzzle


    Unscramble and fix back the picture by sliding the squares.

    Assorted Designs *Randomly Selected & Sold Individually*

  • $58.50

    Audible Timer 3”


    You asked for it and here it is! Everything you love about the Time Timer with an audible BEEP when time is up! The 3 inch audible option can be turned on or off for a purely visual experience if required. The timer runs on battery operated quartz movement and can be free standing or hung on a wall.

  • $63.50

    Audible Timer 8”


    You asked for it and here it is! Everything you love about the Time Timer with an audible BEEP when time is up!

  • $7.90

    4” Learning Clock


    Made of durable plastic, this clock helps children with their time telling skills.

  • $20.50

    Primary Shapes Templates


    Let children compare and contrast shapes with these sturdy, transparent stencils
    Relational shapes help students make mental connections as they compare shapes. Each template provides relational examples in varying sizes and orientations – trace around the entire template for the largest version! Includes 5 labelled templates made from durable plastic: circle, triangle, rectangle, square and hexagon. Rectangle measures 18cm L X 11cm H.

  • $39.90

    Colour Cubes Activity




    Have fun with these 6 brilliant colours of wooden cubes. Create patterns or match to designs. Set contains 100 pieces and 18 pattern cards.



  • $75.50

    3D Feel & Find


    Contains 20 matching wooden shapes and printed tiles in a reusable, durable cloth bag. Deal out the tiles and have children reach into the bag to Feel & Find™ the corresponding wooden shape. Play alone or in larger groups. A great visual and tactile exercise. 10 geometric and 10 object shapes which can be used as 20 little puzzles.

  • $59.90


  • $69.50

    FantaColor Jr

  • $25.50

    Spot It!

  • $25.50

    Spot It! ABC

  • $25.50

    Spot It! Jr Animals

  • $35.50

    Pixy Cubes