Cognition & Games

  • $3.50

    Easy Grip Tong


    Fun for sorting activities to develop hand-eye coordination skills. Also a great tong to develop the pincer grip for kids.
    Length : 4.5″

    *Sold Individually & Randomly Selected*

  • $23.50

    Teen Talk In a Jar


    This is the game for teenagers to break the ice and start conversations with their peers. With Teen Talk in a Jar, you have access to 101 interesting questions to stimulate dialogue and break through awkwardness! Users will enjoy reading the thought provoking prompts on each card and sharing their opinions. Turn it into a standalone game or use the cards to supplement existing activities! Use this social communication resource in your home, classroom, or clinic to get kids talking with ease.

    Examples of questions include: If you had to define “normal” how would you define it? Which song's lyrics best describe your life? What scares you most about growing old? If you had money to buy one thing that would fit in your room, what would you want?

    This jar includes 101 question cards to help get kids talking to prompt interesting discussions. The cards are great for advisory time activities. Ages 13 & Up

  • $35.50

    What Are They Thinking?


    What Are They Thinking? contains 60 clever photos to improve your students’ inferencing and reasoning skills. All the people and animals in these fun cards have a “thought bubble” above their heads. Students use the cues in the photos to deduce what the person or animal in the photo is thinking. You may also use the cards to encourage conversational speech or as writing prompts. Cards are 3″ x 4″. Game ideas/content cards. Picture card set also includes a content card in six languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese.

  • $45.50

    Story Retell


    Improve students' listening and reading comprehension skills as well as their story retelling ability with these 60 child-appealing stories. Each story has a colorful illustration providing visual cues for students that struggle with story retelling.
    There are two levels of stories:

    Level 1 – has 20 stories, 5–7 sentences long, with a readability level of grades 2–3.
    Level 2 – has 40 stories, 8–10 sentences long, with a readability level of grades 4–5.

    Deck includes game ideas and tips that give students multiple opportunities for practice. Cards are 3″ x 5″ and come in a sturdy storage tin.

  • $69.50

    Word FLIPS


    Word FLiPS with REAL words (and pictures) is a must for children with limited speech, unintelligible speech, and/or childhood apraxia of speech! Teach functional vocabulary words, such as greetings and requests (for example, “hi,” “go,” and “bye”) while practicing up to three repetitions of sound sequences.
    Word FLiPS includes three sections of identical picture words with four tabs in each section that divide the words according to articulatory placement: Bilabial, Alveolar, Velar, and Palatal. Begin teaching severely unintelligible children by having them repeat identical earlier developing sounds, such as “boo-boo-boo.” Older or more verbal children can practice a variety of sequences, such as “tie-tea-shoe” as a warm-up to practicing sentences.
    The words in Word FLiPS can also be combined to form other words (for example, “tie-knee” can be combined to form the word “tiny”). Word FLiPS includes a list of words and phrases that can be produced using the “flips,” and suggestions for activities to make practice fun and motivating! Word FLiPS is 12″ x 6 ½”.

  • $39.50

    Mini Muffin Match Up


    Develop a multitude of math skills with marvelous Mini Muffin Counters! Different sorting discs boost color recognition, matching, sorting, counting, and early math skills. Included dice feature colors and numbers (1–6) allowing for group activities and game play. Squeezy Tweezers™ add to the fun and reinforce fine-motor skills! Includes 1 muffin pan with 6 muffin cups and easy-grip rubber handles, 60 Mini Muffin Counters, 1 Squeezy Tweezer, 2 foam dice (1 color cube and 1 number cube), 12-double sided, sorting discs, and activities aligned to Common Core. Muffin pan measures 10½”L x 5¾”H. Grades PreK+ | Ages 3+

  • $39.50

    Magnetic Colour Cubes


    Copy or create designs using these colourful magnetic cubes.

  • $39.50

    Ruff’s House Teaching Tactile Set


    Reach in and feel all the textures! Help the fuzzy dog find all the bones he hid in his doghouse. All bones are textured and made out of rubber or cloth and feature smooth, silky, scratchy, bumby, ridged and more textures.


    • Ruff the dog
    • 20 bones (10 textures – 2 of each texture)
    • Doghouse
    • Activity guide

    Doghouse measures 5”L x 5”W x 5”H, each bone measures 2”L

    Grades: PreK+

    Learning Style: Visual, Tactile

    Skill Development:

    Language- Learning how to identify the textures of Ruff’s bones in words helps students expand their descriptive language abilities.

    Fine Motor- Grasping, exploring, and manipulating the different textured bones leads students to further develop their ability to use their fingers and hands purposefully and improve manual dexterity.

    Math- Ruff has 20 bones. How many does he have left if he hides 3 in his house? There are two bones outside and two bones inside Ruff’s house. How many does he have in all? Early math games can prepare students for math success and Ruff and his bones are ready to play.

  • $20.50

    Trace & Learn Writing Activity Set


    Children will love to practice writing letters, shapes, lines and more! The portable board has a write & wipe window so it can be used over and over again along with a place to hold standard 8.5” x 11” and A4 paper and the included dry-erase marker.

    Educational Benefits: Learning Style: Visual, Tactile
    Skill Development: Letter formation, Letter recognition, shape recognition, Fine motor skills, Tripod grasp, Eye-hand coordination, Motor planning

    Includes 10 Durable double-sided cards, Dry-erase marker

  • $22.50

    Wooden Flexible Robot


    These wooden robot toys have a flexible head, arms and legs, all connected with stretchy cord allowing you to move the arms legs and head into a variety of poses.

    These wooden robot toys are supplied individually in assorted colours and designs.

    11cm tall
    Made from wood
    Assorted designs and colours
    Sold individually and randomly selected
    Suitable for children aged 3+

  • $12.50

    Mix & Match Puzzle


    Rotate the head, body or leg portion to create a whole host of fun and quirky character combos.

    Twisting dress-up game
    Head, body and leg sections switch
    Six characters to mix and match
    Measures 6cm tall and 5cm wide
    Suitable for Children ages 3+

  • $20.50

    Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Game



  • $42.50

    Frankie’s Food Truck Fiasco Game


    Order up! Foodies unite! Get a taste of these shape-tastic recipes for fun! Business at Frankie’s famous food truck is brisk! Kids take turns using the Frankie Squeezer to fill scrumptious orders. The first to deliver a 5-course meal is the winner!

    Board game designed to teach young children about shapes
    Simple to play and understand
    Quick, fun game that can be played in a short time
    Easy setup and cleanup

  • Placeholder $45.50

    Frida’s Fruit Fiesta Game


    The Nitty Gritty – This game includes:

    Rainforest game board
    26 fruit bowls
    1 Frida squeezer
    4 Nest cards
    1 Triple letter spinner
    Let’s Play
    1. Spin all three letter spinners. Look out for the monkey!
    2. Scan your nest card for a letter that matches one of the three that you spun.
    3. Search the rainforest for the fruit bowl with the matching letter and use the toucan squeezers to pick it up.
    4. Place the fruit bowl on the matching letter on your nest card. Place four fruit bowls in a row and you win!

  • $16.50

    Pan Cake Pile Up


    Order up! It’s a busy day at the diner, so don’t dilly-dally. Help your customers get just what they ordered by racing the other servers to the grill, relay style, and piling up pancakes in precisely the right order in this stack ‘em high, serve ‘em up, relay race game!

  • $89.50

    Design and Drill Activity Centre


    Kids power up their imaginations and build coordination and creative thinking skills as they drill chunky, child-sized components into a sturdy activity board. Children love following the colorful activity cards to create pictures and patterns—from trains and boats to flowers and fish. Young builders can drill their very own designs! Just snap any one of the drill bits into the power drill or the screwdriver handle, grab a handful of bolts, and turn on the learning fun!

  • $20.50

    Lacing Letters Lower Case


    Lower Case Letter for recognition and lacing. 3 pieces of each letter. Total 78 pieces and 3 laces

  • $20.50

    Lacing Letters Upper Case


    Upper Case Letter for recognition and lacing. 3 pieces of each letter. Total 78 pieces and 3 laces.

  • $15.50

    Three Bear Family Pattern Cards



    • Match and complete patterns in color and size to develop order, prediction, and problem solving skills
    • Develop early math skills with four levels of difficulty
    • Set includes 16 double-sided, full-color activity cards that match the actual size of bear counters
    • For use with Three Bear Family Counters
    • Ideal for ages 3


  • $13.50

    Clear Tube


    Diameter 8cm and 30cm length clear tube for filling objects for visual tracking/exploration. Not to be use to store liquid.

  • $3.50

    Dinosaur Skeleton


    Individually sold… for sand play, identification, sorting etc

  • $6.50

    Wooden Vehicle


    10cm wooden vehicle. Sold individually

  • $19.50

    Counting Bears Sorting Bowls


    Set of 6 sorting bowls for counting bears.

  • $4.50

    Wooden IQ Brain Teaser


    This challenging brain teaser suits young and old. The goal is to break apart and assemble back, improves divergent thinking and patience.
    Material: Wood
    Size:  9 cm

  • $35.50

    Fruit Counters


    108 pieces: 6 fruits and 6 colours for sorting, counting, patterning, colour recognition and fruit identification.

  • $5.00

    Basketball Game Set


    A fun fine motor, eye hand coordination table game. Size 12cm tall

    • Set includes: launcher, backboard, and 2 balls
    • Made of plastic
  • $52.50

    Mighty Monkey Pegs and Pegboard Set

    • Play and Learn Pattern and Color Recognition, Spatial Reasoning, Categorization, Imaginative Play and Fine Motor Skills
    • Contents: 25 Tall-Stacker Mighty Monkey Pegs, Lauri Crepe Rubber Pegboard, and an Activity Guide
    • The Lauri Crepe Rubber is Bright, Durable, Soft, Latex-Free and Washable
    • High quality toys and games
    • Products that are great fun from children to adults
    • Play and Learn Pattern and Color Recognition, Spatial Reasoning, Categorization, Imaginative Play and Fine Motor Skills
    • Contents: 25 Tall-Stacker Mighty Monkey Pegs, Lauri Crepe Rubber Pegboard, and an Activity Guide
  • $26.50

    Wooden Farm Scene


    Around 50 pieces of wooden farm scene for sorting, patterning, sand play, pretend play or simply as objects for conversation.

  • $59.50

    Tiny Wood Peg Board


    This small wood peg board is ideal for precision fine motor skills.  Children can “draw” mosaic like images with the tiny wood pegs that are available in 4 colors.  This is a compact gift perfect for preschoolers, and ideal for Montessori work and occupational therapy tasks.

    1. One wooden board made from beech wood.  Board is 5” x 5” x 1/2”.
    2. 100 wooden pegs.  (5/8″ long) 25 pegs of each color (red, yellow, blue and green).  There are more pegs than holes in the board in case some are lost.  Pegs are Beech wood, and painted with non toxic, water based stain.
    3. 4 picture patterns in real size.  Many more can be created with your child’s imagination.
  • $24.50

    10 Frame Pattern Match Actvity


    The preschool busy bag is perfect for those who love to match patterns. Dimply draw a pattern card and re-create the pattern using the double-sided discs!

    I have 2 different styles: One is made of thick strong foam (the board and discs) making it a perfect quiet activity. The board is 7.75″x3.5″. The second is made with a laminated cardstock board with double sided plastic discs for a more economical option.