Cognition & Games

  • $26.90

    Centimeter Cubes (Plastic)


    Perfect for counting, measuring and patterning. Set of 500 plastic one-centimeter cubes in 10 colors comes in a convenient storage tub with Activity Guide.

  • $3.50

    Child’s First Stencil


    This heavy-duty stencil introduces kids to the fun of using stencils with simply designed objects and animals — airplanes, barns, horses, dogs, etc.

    Durable, easy-to-clean plastic handles the rough treatment young kids can dish out. Sold individually and randomly selected

  • $15.50

    Clear Pocket Dice


    4 1/2″ Nylon Blocks
    Clear pocket on each side
    Brightly Colored
    Great for all subjects! Price for one

  • $13.50

    Clear Tube


    Diameter 8cm and 30cm length clear tube for filling objects for visual tracking/exploration. Not to be use to store liquid.

  • $17.50

    Clicker Crab Hourglass


    This durable plastic hourglass has Clicker Crab permanently molded into the snap-on lids. Children will love using it for funneling fun, and watching sand or water flow from top to bottom and back again through the see-through sides! Enhanced with cute molded fish that “swim” around the outside, this funnel is a real catch!

  • $39.90

    Colour Cubes Activity




    Have fun with these 6 brilliant colours of wooden cubes. Create patterns or match to designs. Set contains 100 pieces and 18 pattern cards.



  • $89.90

    Construction Truck Sort & Match

  • $49.90

    Count and Learn Cookie Jar


    The Count & Learn Cookie Jar smiles at your little learner while it helps him learn to count from one to ten
    Simply push the nose on the jar to get started. Select a cookie and insert it into the top of the jar and Cookie will tell you what number and how many chips are on the cookie
    Push the nose again and the game changes. “Can you find the number six?” Children search their selection of cookies and choose the cookie that they think answers the question
    They have three tries to select the correct cookie and will be rewarded with some fun phrases. To retrieve the cookies from the jar, simply turn the storage compartment door on the back of the jar.
    Requires two AA batteries (included). For ages 2 and up
    Talking Cookie Jar With Two Play Modes
    Introduces Numbers And Basic Counting Skills

  • $28.50




    • 1 tub containing 200 counters
    • Counters approximately 1″
    • 40 Each of 5 different colors
    • Reusable plastic storage tub with screw-top lid
    • Teach counting, sorting, hand-eye coordination


  • $19.50

    Counting Bears Sorting Bowls


    Set of 6 sorting bowls for counting bears.

  • $6.80

    Counting Chips


    10 pieces each in 6 colours of counting chips for counting, sorting, colour recognition etc.

  • $18.50

    Counting Links


    Make sorting, patterning, counting, measurement, and even graphing activities fascinating for the young student. The 1-5/8″ x 3/4″ flexible links are easy for young students or special-needs students to hook together and separate. Pack of 250pcs

    Colour may vary from picture.


  • $99.50

    Critical Thinking Set for Teens & Up


    Each of the four decks in this set prepare teens and young adults for independence, teaching how to problem solve, make effective decisions, predict outcomes and deal with emotions that arise every day. Each ring has 30 cards with a crisp photograph on the front, while the back teaches and guides the student on handling everyday challenges. The set covers the following topics:
    PREDICTIONS: Predictions play an important role in our decision making process. We predict the possible rewards and consequences which enable us to make effective decisions.
    FACT OR INFERENCE: Facts are statements based on observations. Inferences are personal interpretations based on facts. Studies show that understanding the difference between facts and inferences greatly contributes to reading comprehension and communication skills.
    PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS: The more you practice problem solving skills in a calm environment, the more adept you become at handling problems in the real world.
    EMOTIONS AND HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM: We’ve all been in situations when our emotions have caused us to behave in ways we’d rather forget. This pack will teach your students to recognize emotions and how to deal with them.

  • $4.50

    Cube Puzzle

  • $28.50

    Cuisenaire Rods (Wood)


    Cuisenaire rods are the perfect resource for partitioning, fractions, algebra, addition and subtraction and problem solving. Explore the relationship between the rods. The rods are a most versatile resource if numbers are not assigned to each colour.

  • $49.90

    Curious George Jack In The Box

    • Everyone’s favorite Curious George
    • Plays “Pop Goes the Weasel”
    • Classic Jack-in-the-Box
    • Plush Curious George inside
    • Perfect for little ones
  • $35.50

    Deluxe Pounding Bench


    Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench let your child play peekaboo on this solid wood pounding activity. Non-removable pegs take turns showing their smiles while your toddler has fun naming the colors and enjoys practicing fine motor skills. A sturdy mallet is included.

  • $18.50

    Demonstration Ruler


    Handy magnetic ruler sticks right to your whiteboard. Large size allows you to demonstrate for the whole class.
    Models left to right or bottom to top measurement
    Focuses attention with the movable indicator strip
    Includes a dual scale (customary and metric) for comparing and converting lengths up to 18 inches or 45 cm
    Measures 19″W x 4″H

  • $89.50

    Design and Drill Activity Centre


    Kids power up their imaginations and build coordination and creative thinking skills as they drill chunky, child-sized components into a sturdy activity board. Children love following the colorful activity cards to create pictures and patterns—from trains and boats to flowers and fish. Young builders can drill their very own designs! Just snap any one of the drill bits into the power drill or the screwdriver handle, grab a handful of bolts, and turn on the learning fun!

  • $2.50

    Dice in Dice


    Use these 2 in 1 brightly coloured, translucent outer and plain inner dice to teach probability, predict numerical outcomes and track the statistical results of repeated rolls.

  • $3.50

    Dinosaur Skeleton


    Individually sold… for sand play, identification, sorting etc

  • $65.50

    Djeco Farm Blocks Stacking Set


    The Djeco Creanimaux 29-Piece Farm Blocks set is a colorful, solid wood block set that will provide hours of creative play as children create different types of imaginative farm animals. Djeco Creanimaux Farm Blocks was selected by The Creativity Institute for its ability to develop creativity in children, with features that include:
    • 29 brightly colored wooden stacking blocks.
    • Easy for toddlers to hold and stack.
    • Encourages children to think creatively.
    • Recommended for ages 18 months and over.
    • Completely non-toxic, child-friendly finishes.

  • $28.50

    Don’t Drop The Meatballs


    Pull out the Spaghetti, but don't let the meatballs fall
    For 2 or more players
    Age range: 5 years and up

  • $62.50

    Double Duel: A Sound Alike Word Game


    It’s a color. The wind did this. What’s the answer? Blue/Blew! High-speed homophone game requires sharp listening and vocabulary skills. Each buzzer makes a different fun sound. Question cards are color-coded for differentiation of the 2 available levels.


    • 4 Buzzers
    • 200 Double sided cards
    • Activity Guide

    Buzzers measure 3.5” Diameter

    Each buzzer requires 2 AAA batteries, not included
    3 or more players
    Common Core State Standards Alignment: Reading Foundational Skills, Vocabulary, Language Conventions
    Learning Style: Auditory
    Language- Students build vocabulary by identifying words based on a description.
    Language- Students practice and learn definitions of words that sound the same but have different meanings.
    Social & Behavioral- Encourages peer interaction, turn taking, and socialization. Patience and waiting is practiced when remembering the appropriate time to hit the buzzers!

  • $3.50

    Easy Grip Tong


    Fun for sorting activities to develop hand-eye coordination skills. Also a great tong to develop the pincer grip for kids.
    Length : 4.5″

    *Sold Individually & Randomly Selected*

  • $3.20

    Easy Squeeze Brush Bottle


    A neat way to paint!
    Simply fill the bottle with paint, squeeze as you paint.
    Price for single unit

  • $59.50

    Emotions & Expressions 2


    This second set of Emotions and Expression Cards provide an increased level of complexity to help tackle problems associated with children who have learned to talk but have not developed sufficient non-verbal understanding to enable them to hold effective conversations.

    Using the cards will enhance a child’s ability to:

    Interpret facial expressions and body language
    Recognise the signals that indicate where people are
    Know what people might be doing, thinking, feeling or talking about
    Produce information relevant to the situation and people present
    Develop key observational skills
    Exhibit theory of mind – understand and empathise from another’s perspective

    The pack contains cards showing 4 different age examples of the following emotions – interested; sad; angry; kind; scared; worry; share; bored; pleased; confused; fed up.

    Ages: 5+

    44 cards, 210 x 148 mm (A5) with manual

  • $35.50

    Facial Expressions


    These beautifully photographed flashcards designed to promote an awareness of feelings. Ideal for working on self-esteem, citizenship and self-expression. These pictures of real people in a range of situations will trigger discussion and understanding of facial expressions, postures and other important body language messages.

    These cards enable students to focus on the often difficult subject of emotions. The 45 cards are divided into three groups, each with a different emphasis: individual people, difficult situations, enjoyable situations.

    Use at the one-word common emotion level (sad, happy, mad, surprised), or to discuss more complex feelings (puzzled, thoughtful, relaxed, uncomfortable).

    Teaches children to recognize and describe feelings as well as demonstrate empathy. Guided questions also develop expressive language skills. Supports NCTE and NAEYC standards.

    45 cards 4.5″ x 5.5″

  • $69.50

    FantaColor Jr

  • $39.90

    Feelings Friend


    Feelings Friend encourages children to express their feelings more easily and at the same time, help them understand the facial expressions of other people. Feelings Friend includes illustrated cards so that children can understand the concepts quickly & easily. Feelings Friend consists of 1 doll per set.

    *Sold Individually*