Cognition & Games

  • $23.50

    Feelings In a Jar


    Everyone needs to know how to name and express feelings. Each jar holds 101 little cards printed with “feelings words”—gleeful, insecure, grateful, angry, cranky, courageous, hopeful, and many more. Pull out a slip and act out the feeling, or invite someone else to act it out. Use as discussion starters, journaling prompts, or icebreakers for groups.

  • $18.50

    Fish N Fun


    Comes with four fishing sticks and an easy (larger) or challenging (smaller) Edu-Foam “Bait” for each one. Edu-Foam sea creatures and Edu-Foam letters stick to the “Bait” when both are wet. Excellent hand-eye coordination and reading development (with Fish‘N Spell). Edu-Foam will not absorb water or deform. . Set includes 2 poles & 34 fish shapes.

  • $18.50

    Fish N Spell


    Comes with four fishing sticks and an easy (larger) or challenging (smaller) Edu-Foam “Bait” for each one. Edu-Foam sea creatures and Edu-Foam letters stick to the “Bait” when both are wet. Excellent hand-eye coordination and reading development (with Fish‘N Spell). Edu-Foam will not absorb water or deform. “Wet & Stick” Fishing made simple with our unique foam catch pad. Fish for ABC`s. Set includes 2 poles and 94 Letters.

  • $49.50

    Floor Puzzle


    This floor puzzles feature vibrant engaging artwork. This beginners puzzles are suitable for kids or the elderly. This 24 large-sized pieced puzzles are contained in a perfect gift-to-go box with a soft cotton rope handle.

    Assembled puzzle measures 18″ x 24″

  • $39.50

    Floor Puzzle – Underwater Ocean Floor


    48 extra-thick cardboard pieces
    Beautiful original artwork
    Easy-Clean surface keeps puzzle looking new.
    Promotes hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.
    2 feet x 3 feet when assembled
    Suitable for ages 5 to 99

  • $39.50

    Floor Puzzle: Search & Find Ocean Floor


    8 extra-thick cardboard pieces
    Completed puzzle features search-and-find activity.
    Easy-Clean surface keeps puzzle looking new.
    Over 4 feet long
    Promotes hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.
    Suitable for ages 5 to 99

  • $2.00

    Flower Rubbing Plates


    Flowers Rubbing Plates are versatile and fun for art, design, science, geography and much more! This hands-on, easy product is sure to enhance learning concepts. Add texture to artwork by placing paper over a plate and rubbing with a crayon, marker or pencil to make the design emerge. Layer designs for more effects. Fill with or press into modeling clay. Great with paper mâché. Make sun catchers using white glue and food color. Sold Individually and randomly selected.

  • $11.50

    Foam Cubes


    Keep these foam cubes on hand to perfect counting and sorting skills. A fun way to pave the way for math success! Assorted. (200 pcs)

  • $42.50

    Frankie’s Food Truck Fiasco Game


    Order up! Foodies unite! Get a taste of these shape-tastic recipes for fun! Business at Frankie’s famous food truck is brisk! Kids take turns using the Frankie Squeezer to fill scrumptious orders. The first to deliver a 5-course meal is the winner!

    Board game designed to teach young children about shapes
    Simple to play and understand
    Quick, fun game that can be played in a short time
    Easy setup and cleanup

  • Placeholder $45.50

    Frida’s Fruit Fiesta Game


    The Nitty Gritty – This game includes:

    Rainforest game board
    26 fruit bowls
    1 Frida squeezer
    4 Nest cards
    1 Triple letter spinner
    Let’s Play
    1. Spin all three letter spinners. Look out for the monkey!
    2. Scan your nest card for a letter that matches one of the three that you spun.
    3. Search the rainforest for the fruit bowl with the matching letter and use the toucan squeezers to pick it up.
    4. Place the fruit bowl on the matching letter on your nest card. Place four fruit bowls in a row and you win!

  • $39.50

    Froggy Feeding Fun


    Squeeze the frog to open its mouth, pick up flies and strengthen fine motor muscles! Roll a cube to determine which flies to munch. Fine motor and pre-maths skills


    • 2 rubber frogs
    • 60 flies
    • 1 number cube
    • 1 color cube
    • Activity guide

    Frogs measure 2.5”D

  • $35.50

    Fruit Counters


    108 pieces: 6 fruits and 6 colours for sorting, counting, patterning, colour recognition and fruit identification.

  • $10.50

    Geoboard 11×11 pins


    9 inches square single side geoboard with 11 x 11 pins

  • $7.50

    Geoboard Doubleside


    7 1/2inches double sided geoboard for fun activities and early maths exploration.
    Sold randomly and price stated is for one piece.

  • $25.50

    Geometric Connecting Shapes


    200 pieces of geometric shapes for exploring…..

  • $39.90

    Geometric Solids


    Students can explore shape, size, pattern, volume and measurement with these invaluable hands-on tools. Smooth wooden cones include sphere, cube, cylinders, pyramid, prisms, hemisphere and rectangular solids, ranging in size from 2″ to 3″. Teaching Guide included.

  • $32.50

    Geometric Stacker


    The Geometric Stacker incorporates a classic circular stacker, an octagon stacker, and a more challenging puzzle stacker – piling high the possibilities. Three times the play value of the typical stacking toy and big enough for two kids to play at once – A good thing given its ability to hold the interest of children.

  • $7.00



    GeoReflector mirror features see-through plastic surface with special reflective qualities that allow students to gain an intuitive understanding of geometry, symmetry and congruence as they view, move and draw images.

  • Placeholder $22.50

    GeoReflector Activity Book


    GeoReflector and a Geometry fun and enlightening activity book.

  • $49.50

    Get A Grip On A Matrix


    An exciting new resource that gives plenty of early maths practice. Children, using challenging activity cards, attach pegs of one or two colors on to a baseboard, developing logical thinking and problem solving skills.
    Consists of 1 plastic grip board, 10 overlay activity cards, 2 cards without patterns & 36 miniature pegs.

  • $56.50

    Get A Grip On Patterns


    This unique learning aid is designed to develop and strengthen the child’s visual perception skills, visual-motor coordination, fine motor control and the grip needed for drawing and writing.
    Includes 1 gripboard, 12 overlay activity cards and 30 grip pegs. Size: Board 16cm sq. Age: 3 years

  • $73.50

    Giant Attribute Set


    Students use the blocks in games and activities to classify, order, and discover equivalent relationships. Set of 60 pieces is packaged in a durable plastic sorting tray for extended activities. Includes instructions. Large pieces average 5″ and small pieces average 2″. Large size allows small hands to manipulate blocks with ease.

    Set comes in a convenient storage tray with shape sorter that can be used for tracing.

    Contains : 60 blocks in 5 shapes (2.5cm to 7.5cm), 2 sizes, 2 thicknesses and are multi coloured.

  • $39.50

    Giant Fire Truck Floor Puzzle


    This impressive 4-foot-long puzzle features just 24 extra-thick cardboard pieces. It is easy to complete. “Easy-Clean” surface keeps this tough puzzle looking new.

  • $45.50

    Goki Balancing & Stacking Ladders


    A game for balance & skill. The coloured ladders must be stacked with a steady hand, so that the growing tower does not become unbalanced and fall over.
    Ladder Height 18 cm

  • $59.90

    Goki Balancing Chair Game


    A game that needs care, precision, and patience. Each player has twelve chairs and in its turn, each will put a chair in the tower.
    It is very easy that it rocks or falls. Player that still remain without chairs will be the winner.
    Consists of 24 chairs. Size of chair 7cm.

  • $2.00

    Groovey Effect Paint Tool


    Groovey Effect Paint tools for fun creation with Paints.
    Individually sold and randomly selected.

  • $1.50

    Growing Life Characters


    Soak these foam animals underwater for 24 – 48 hours and watch them grow. These make fun giveaways in treat bags.


    Assorted Designs *Randomly Selected & Sold Individually*

  • $35.50

    Hi Ho Cherry O Game



    • Help your preschoolers develop and practice basic math skills
    • Have a blast picking fruit from the trees and filling their buckets
    • Game includes game board, spinner with arrow and base, 9-piece puzzle, 4 fruit baskets, 40 fruit pieces (10 cherries, 10 blueberries, 10 apples and 10 oranges), and instructions


  • $29.50

    Hiss! Snake Game


    The players try to form snakes, which are as long as possible. A snake always consists of a head-section, at least one middle-section and a tail-section. The player who has formed the most and longest snakes wins.

    The cards are shuffled and placed face down fan-like on the table. One card is drawn from the “fan” and is placed face-up in the middle of the table. In turn, each player draws a card from the “fan” and tries to match the color with a card in the middle of the table. The card can be turned around to match. If the colors of the two cards match, a snake is started.

    If a player draws a card which cannot be placed next to a card or a snake in the middle of the table, this card is then placed on its own in the middle of the table. A card which is drawn from the “fan” can be placed next to a snake to lengthen the snake. A snake can be made longer on both sides. If a head or a tail was already added to the snake, the snake cannot be made longer on that side where the head or tail was placed. A snake without a head or a tail is an incomplete snake. Incomplete snakes remain in the middle of the table until they can be made complete and claimed.

  • $20.50

    Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt Game