Cognition & Games

  • $59.50

    Tiny Wood Peg Board


    This small wood peg board is ideal for precision fine motor skills.  Children can “draw” mosaic like images with the tiny wood pegs that are available in 4 colors.  This is a compact gift perfect for preschoolers, and ideal for Montessori work and occupational therapy tasks.

    1. One wooden board made from beech wood.  Board is 5” x 5” x 1/2”.
    2. 100 wooden pegs.  (5/8″ long) 25 pegs of each color (red, yellow, blue and green).  There are more pegs than holes in the board in case some are lost.  Pegs are Beech wood, and painted with non toxic, water based stain.
    3. 4 picture patterns in real size.  Many more can be created with your child’s imagination.
  • $12.50

    Tower Puzzle


    The Tower Puzzle is a simple yet challenging puzzle game that’s great for playing with at your desk. Stack the wooden puzzle pieces to form a tower. Then, remove one piece at a time without the tower falling over. You can play this game alone or with friends.

  • $72.50

    Toy Cash Register


    Pretend Play can be real fun with this cash register.

  • $10.50

    Toy Tree Marble Run


    Inset the wooden leaves into the slot to form a tree. Drop the marble and watch it roll along the leaves. Makes nice sound too.

  • $20.50

    Trace & Learn Writing Activity Set


    Children will love to practice writing letters, shapes, lines and more! The portable board has a write & wipe window so it can be used over and over again along with a place to hold standard 8.5” x 11” and A4 paper and the included dry-erase marker.

    Educational Benefits: Learning Style: Visual, Tactile
    Skill Development: Letter formation, Letter recognition, shape recognition, Fine motor skills, Tripod grasp, Eye-hand coordination, Motor planning

    Includes 10 Durable double-sided cards, Dry-erase marker

  • $18.90

    Traditional Noughts and Crosses Tic Tac Toe Blocks


    Traditional wooded tic tac toe. Handy size
    Cube Size 2.5cm X 2.5cm
    Tray Size 9.3cm X 9.3cm
    Colours / designs and outer packaging may vary.

  • $20.50

    Trouble Game

  • $78.50

    Tube Builders Classroom Set


    Set up the Rocket with intercepting sticks. Put the marbles on top. Take turns to pull the sticks without letting the marbles fall.

  • $22.50

    Tumble Game


    Pull out a stick
    See what happens as you try to keep the marbles from tumbling down
    Plastic unit, sticks, and marbles
    2 to 4 players
    Ages 6 and up

  • $39.90

    Tumble Tower Game


    36pcs of blocks for stacking. Carefully remove one block from any level and move it to the top.
    To win, be the last person to stack on top without making the tower tumble.
    Comes with a pack of picture cards for copy stacking.

  • $35.00

    Twist and Turnables


    Mix and match creating endless possible combinations Includes 9 basic nuts and bolts in 4 bright colors and shape Develops motor skills, color recognition, and stimulates imagination Recommended for ages 2 years and up Non-toxic finishes and child safe materials

  • $9.50

    U fidget


    Have fun with these connecting flat squares… see how many patterns you can come out with!

  • $25.50

    Understanding Emotions Cards


    These are pictures with real people expressing emotions on how they feel according to the situations.

    3″ and 30 pieces.

  • $29.90

    Unifix Cubes


    This package includes 100 cubes in 10 standard colors: red, dark blue, light blue, yellow, green, orange, maroon, brown, black and white.

  • $8.50

    Vinyl Fish


    6 colours/ 5 pieces each. Total 30 pieces.

    For sorting, colour recognition, patterning skills, transferring using tongs, chopsticks, spoon, tweezers etc.

  • $69.90

    Weight Boxes


    Hold and feel the weight and match them.

  • $68.50

    WePlay Learning Cube


    6 panels can be connected into a larger play platform or assembled into a cube and thus offer 2D or 3D games. 3 shapes of blocks for basic shape recognition, including circles, triangles, squares and stars The shape blocks at 3 colors and 3 heights offer the concet of height and sequence The mirror panel stimulates visual exploration The number and dot panels introduce numeral concept

  • $35.50

    What Are They Thinking?


    What Are They Thinking? contains 60 clever photos to improve your students’ inferencing and reasoning skills. All the people and animals in these fun cards have a “thought bubble” above their heads. Students use the cues in the photos to deduce what the person or animal in the photo is thinking. You may also use the cards to encourage conversational speech or as writing prompts. Cards are 3″ x 4″. Game ideas/content cards. Picture card set also includes a content card in six languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese.

  • $35.50

    What Doesn’t Belong?


    Learning to discriminate which items don't belong in a group takes reasoning and problem solving. Children categorize 36 everyday objects, animals and actions into groups. Includes a list of suggested categories, with a list of the cards that belong to each category. The cards attach to laminated pages with hook and loop dots. Scattered between the pages are additional exercises and activities. This is really a great set that students enjoy.

    Pages measure 8.½” x 7.½”, cards measure 2″ x 2″.

  • $23.50

    What Would You Do? In a Jar


    “What would you do?” scenarios help preschool and primary-age kids develop decision-making skills with this go-anywhere and easy-to-use jar.

  • $32.90

    What Z’it Puzzle


    Thirteen chunky, geometrically-shaped pieces fit together into a square frame in this colorful, wooden brainteaser puzzle. To add even more fun and challenge, the included templates challenge you to stack the chunky little blocks together into three-dimensional puzzles, too!

  • $2.00

    Wiggle Snake


    Hold the tip of this snake and watch it wiggle away. Play with a friend and watch the two snakes wiggle wiggle away.
    Sold individually

  • $35.50

    Wood Blocks 100 pieces


    Melissa & Doug 100 Piece Wood Blocks Set comes in four colors and nine shapes. Your little builder will delight in stacking, building, and knocking down in countless colorful combinations, and you'll know your child is gaining invaluable practice with fine motor skills and dexterity, color and shape recognition, and pre-math skills. Recommended for age 3 years.

    Melissa & Doug 100 Piece Wood Blocks Set

  • $24.50

    Wood Nuts & Bolts with Pattern Cards


    Hand/Eye coordination – Being able to line up and place the nuts on the bolts and the bolts through the holes.
    – Color recognition – Kids need to recognize the differences in the colors in order to place the nut on the matching bolt.
    – Fine motor – Practicing using fine motor pincer grasp in order to manipulate the bolts. Builds hand muscles and dexterity which are essential for a proper pencil grasp.

  • $27.50

    Wooden ABC/123 Blocks


    Melissa & Doug Wooden ABC/123 Blocks (50 pcs) is a wonderful set of 50 traditionally styled alphabet blocks features charming hand-painted artwork. Hours of timeless block play await your toddler! Solid wood blocks with a colorful collection of pictures, letters and numbers encourage matching, stacking, sequencing and sorting. A tremendous value that will last for years! Conveniently stores in an included pouch.

  • $44.50

    Wooden Connectibles


    Connect these brightly painted wood manipulatives in limitless ways. Slots connect in every direction to form any 3 dimensional or flat multi linked designs.

  • $26.50

    Wooden Farm Scene


    Around 50 pieces of wooden farm scene for sorting, patterning, sand play, pretend play or simply as objects for conversation.

  • $22.50

    Wooden Flexible Robot


    These wooden robot toys have a flexible head, arms and legs, all connected with stretchy cord allowing you to move the arms legs and head into a variety of poses.

    These wooden robot toys are supplied individually in assorted colours and designs.

    11cm tall
    Made from wood
    Assorted designs and colours
    Sold individually and randomly selected
    Suitable for children aged 3+

  • $4.50

    Wooden IQ Brain Teaser


    This challenging brain teaser suits young and old. The goal is to break apart and assemble back, improves divergent thinking and patience.
    Material: Wood
    Size:  9 cm

  • $21.50

    Wooden Manipulative


    Colorful Wooden intellectual toy 5 pillars blocks set colors and shapes recognition
    Color: colorful
    Material: wood
    Package Dimension: 16x6x16 cm
    Suitable for: 2 years old
    Weight: 0.5 kg
    Package Includes:1 Set.
    The material is wood, itself may have marks or cracks, if the item have a little flaw,hope you can understand! Thank you very much!