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    Teen Talk


    A fun way to REALLY get to know your friends. Conversation game for teens, created by teens. This set of 50 diverse questions is sure to spark colorful conversation among teens. The carabiner clip attaches to backpacks, sports bags or overnight bags for fun conversations anytime, anywhere. Learn everything about your friends.

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    Teen Talk In a Jar


    This is the game for teenagers to break the ice and start conversations with their peers. With Teen Talk in a Jar, you have access to 101 interesting questions to stimulate dialogue and break through awkwardness! Users will enjoy reading the thought provoking prompts on each card and sharing their opinions. Turn it into a standalone game or use the cards to supplement existing activities! Use this social communication resource in your home, classroom, or clinic to get kids talking with ease.

    Examples of questions include: If you had to define “normal” how would you define it? Which song's lyrics best describe your life? What scares you most about growing old? If you had money to buy one thing that would fit in your room, what would you want?

    This jar includes 101 question cards to help get kids talking to prompt interesting discussions. The cards are great for advisory time activities. Ages 13 & Up

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    Tell Tale Game

  • $8.50

    Telling Time Flash Cards


    52 cards feature analog clocks showing time on the hour, quarter hour, and half hour. On back: digital and word equivalents. Includes 4 information/activity cards. Ideal for home, school, or travel. 56 two-sided cards per set, with quick-sorting rounded corners. Handy 3 1/8″ x 5 1/4″ size.

  • $23.50

    Temper Tamers In A Jar


    Learn how to calm down and keep your cool in order to control your temper and express your feelings in positive ways. Use Temper Tamers In a Jar to promote group discussions about healthy ways to deal with anger. Individuals can also use cards to learn calming strategies for tense or difficult situations.

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    Tertris Shape Stacking


    7 Layers of tertris shapes to be put into squares at each level.

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    The Multi Matrix Game


    Magnetic box – 8″ x 5″ x 2″
    25 Colored Dice
    25 White Dice
    3 Pattern Cards
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    Description Develop the brain through integration of multiple senses within a 3-dimensional motor challenge. Special letter, number, dot, and symbol dice are combined with brain loads to maximize sensory development. Used by occupational therapists, teachers, and parents worldwide, this popular game is a great developmental tool that can be modified to create hundreds of games. Game purchase comes with the gift of viewing rights to an award-winning, 42 minute video training course. Your purchase grants you free access to our private training area.Everyone can learn to maximize sensory development and integrate both hemispheres of the brain by viewing this video course. The Multi-Matrix Game Training Course has won a coveted Telly award, assuring you of an outstanding learning experience.

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    Things That Go Together And The Reason Why

    This introduction to associations develops visual discrimination skills and understanding of different objects and events. All the cards are backed with Velcro and you can remove each page from the ring to work on one set at a time. Each set contains three cards, two items which go together and a third that visually explains “why.”
    When a child can visually see why things go together, it all makes sense. Attach and detach the laminated cards as needed. You pick the first card and the child picks the association and reason why card.  Alternatively, you can pick the “Why” card and the child finds the associations and attaches them using Velcro. Lots of different options are included which make learning this skill easy.
    Includes 36 detachable images.
  • $15.50

    Three Bear Family Pattern Cards



    • Match and complete patterns in color and size to develop order, prediction, and problem solving skills
    • Develop early math skills with four levels of difficulty
    • Set includes 16 double-sided, full-color activity cards that match the actual size of bear counters
    • For use with Three Bear Family Counters
    • Ideal for ages 3


  • $9.50

    Tic Tac Toe Game


    This handy wooden Tic Tac Toe game is fun to entertain children on a rainy day, or to take along on car rides and road trips to keep them quiet and entertained! And a great way for kids to learn strategy skills – and how to be a good sport! 4 5/8″ x 4 5/8″

  • $120.00

    Tieramid Circle Set


    This brightly colored 22 piece wooden block set consists of six stackable disks. Included are a set of 48 picture cards which depict diagrams of different objects that can be constructed with the blocks. Children can practice sequential thinking & problem solving skills with the picture cards. Promotes creativity too!


  • $69.50

    Time Timer 12inch


    This visual timer is used to solve time perception problems at all ages and ability levels. Especially ideal for individuals with autism who have difficulty with transitions. Offers an optional beep beep when time is up.

  • $75.50

    Time Tracker – Visual Timer & Clock


    It’s never been easier to keep kids on track! Unique timer’s light and sound cues help to keep your whole class on track. Features 180° viewing and a large, easy to read LCD display. Allows quick programming of 3 colored lights (red, yellow and green) and 6 sound effects that alert children to time remaining. Can be customized to suit your needs.
    Batteries not included.

  • Placeholder $49.50

    Time Tracker Mini


    Set it and go! You and your students will reach for this super simple timer to support a variety of classroom activities. Offers unique visual and auditory indicators, including a warning alarm. Operates easily with just 2 dials: total alarm time and warning time. Total alarm time ranges from 5 minutes to 2 hours , in 5 minute increments. Counts down until the colored light glows and the alarm sounds. Volume can be adjusted or turned off if you prefer visual timing only.
    Learning Style: Visual, Auditory
    Skill Development: Self-help skills, Time management

    •Measures 3.25”L x 3.25”W x 4.75”H
    •Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included

  • $59.50

    Tiny Wood Peg Board


    This small wood peg board is ideal for precision fine motor skills.  Children can “draw” mosaic like images with the tiny wood pegs that are available in 4 colors.  This is a compact gift perfect for preschoolers, and ideal for Montessori work and occupational therapy tasks.

    1. One wooden board made from beech wood.  Board is 5” x 5” x 1/2”.
    2. 100 wooden pegs.  (5/8″ long) 25 pegs of each color (red, yellow, blue and green).  There are more pegs than holes in the board in case some are lost.  Pegs are Beech wood, and painted with non toxic, water based stain.
    3. 4 picture patterns in real size.  Many more can be created with your child’s imagination.
  • $12.50

    Tower Puzzle


    The Tower Puzzle is a simple yet challenging puzzle game that’s great for playing with at your desk. Stack the wooden puzzle pieces to form a tower. Then, remove one piece at a time without the tower falling over. You can play this game alone or with friends.

  • $72.50

    Toy Cash Register


    Pretend Play can be real fun with this cash register.

  • $10.50

    Toy Tree Marble Run


    Inset the wooden leaves into the slot to form a tree. Drop the marble and watch it roll along the leaves. Makes nice sound too.

  • $20.50

    Trace & Learn Writing Activity Set


    Children will love to practice writing letters, shapes, lines and more! The portable board has a write & wipe window so it can be used over and over again along with a place to hold standard 8.5” x 11” and A4 paper and the included dry-erase marker.

    Educational Benefits: Learning Style: Visual, Tactile
    Skill Development: Letter formation, Letter recognition, shape recognition, Fine motor skills, Tripod grasp, Eye-hand coordination, Motor planning

    Includes 10 Durable double-sided cards, Dry-erase marker

  • $18.90

    Traditional Noughts and Crosses Tic Tac Toe Blocks


    Traditional wooded tic tac toe. Handy size
    Cube Size 2.5cm X 2.5cm
    Tray Size 9.3cm X 9.3cm
    Colours / designs and outer packaging may vary.

  • $20.50

    Trouble Game

  • $78.50

    Tube Builders Classroom Set


    Set up the Rocket with intercepting sticks. Put the marbles on top. Take turns to pull the sticks without letting the marbles fall.

  • $22.50

    Tumble Game


    Pull out a stick
    See what happens as you try to keep the marbles from tumbling down
    Plastic unit, sticks, and marbles
    2 to 4 players
    Ages 6 and up

  • $39.90

    Tumble Tower Game


    36pcs of blocks for stacking. Carefully remove one block from any level and move it to the top.
    To win, be the last person to stack on top without making the tower tumble.
    Comes with a pack of picture cards for copy stacking.

  • $35.00

    Twist and Turnables


    Mix and match creating endless possible combinations Includes 9 basic nuts and bolts in 4 bright colors and shape Develops motor skills, color recognition, and stimulates imagination Recommended for ages 2 years and up Non-toxic finishes and child safe materials

  • $9.50

    U fidget


    Have fun with these connecting flat squares… see how many patterns you can come out with!

  • $25.50

    Understanding Emotions Cards


    These are pictures with real people expressing emotions on how they feel according to the situations.

    3″ and 30 pieces.

  • $29.90

    Unifix Cubes


    This package includes 100 cubes in 10 standard colors: red, dark blue, light blue, yellow, green, orange, maroon, brown, black and white.

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    Using His, Her & Their


    The Using His, Her, & Their Fun Deck is a creative way to teach students correct use of the pronouns his, her, and their. This deck contains 26 brightly illustrated card pairs. The first card in the pair introduces a character scene and provides a question to elicit the appropriate pronoun. (“Dudley owns a bike. Whose bike is it?”) The second card provides the answer, using the pronoun his, her or their. (“It is his bike.”) Deck also includes content and game idea cards for added pronoun fun! Cards measure 2 ½” x 3 ½” and are stored in a sturdy storage tin

  • Placeholder $35.50

    Using I & Me


    I built a sandcastle with my friends.” “My friends built a sandcastle with me.” The Using “I and Me” Fun Deck contains 26 pairs of playfully illustrated cards that target the personal pronouns I and me. The deck also includes three bonus cards for game variations, content cards, and game ideas. Cards measure 2 ½” x 3 ½” and are stored in a sturdy storage tin. I like to play fun card games. Come play with me!