RT Fine Motor

  • $15.50

    Exerball Hand Exerciser


    ExerBall® Hand Exercisers are ~2″ diameter specially formulated exercisers meant for hand physical therapy.  These special hand exercise balls have a ring that fits around the finger. Good for arthritis, repetitive stress injury, stroke recovery, stress reduction, strengthening and many more uses. Suitable for adult use.

  • $2.80

    Eye Dropper


    Durable, shatterproof droppers are made of clear plastic with rubber bulbs. Each is 3 1/2″ tall.

  • $27.50

    Feed Me PomPom


    Mini Feed me fine motor busy bag. (snack cup size, 2.5″ wide by 2.5″ tall) Opening is about .25″ and has .25″ poms. (hole sized for using peas also for safety with younger children)

    This learning game has the toddler feed the animals by putting the pom-poms through the mouth hole. Sold individually and randomly selected

  • $7.50

    Felt Pad Activity: Buckles


    Buckling activities!

  • $5.50

    Felt Pad Activity: Pulling


    A Simple pulling activity

  • $18.50

    Fiddlelinks Fidgeters


    This soothing fidget is way too hard to put down. Developed by hand therapists, this longtime therapeutic favorite features interlocking, rotating links that are excellent for building fine finger dexterity and exercising finger joints. This calming fidget stress toy is especially nice for teens-adults.

    Assorted Colours     *Randomly Selected & Sold Individually*

  • $10.50

    Fine Motor Kit 1: Transferring/ Sorting and Lacing Activities


    This activity pack consists of 24pieces with 6 colours for sorting and lacing activities. Together with a palette, a simple plastic tweezer and a lacing string.

    Beads can also be use for counting, lacing patterns or blowing activities etc

  • $17.50

    Fine Motor Kit 2 : Transferring & Sorting Skills


    Using two different types of tongs for training transferring skills. Many ways to play to train transferring & sorting skills.
    5 coloured Pompoms for sorting by colours.
    5 different types of small objects for sorting by type (Sorting objects may differ from picture).
    Palette and tongs and be used for other activities.

  • $14.50

    Fine Motor Kit 3 : Hungry Animal


    Feed this hungry animal with food.
    Squeeze the body to help animal grip its food.

  • $4.50

    Fine Motor Kit 4: Stringing Pony Beads


    60 pony beads in 6 colours, 1 bangle and a lacing string.

  • $8.50

    Fine Motor Kit 5: Transferring and Squeezing


    12 marbles, 1 tweezer and 1 eye dropper and a non slip bathroom mat with suctions.


    1. Transferring the marbles from a bowl to the suction cups with tweezers or simply with fingers
    2. Transferring coloured water using eye dropper from a bowl to the suction cups.
    3. Using eye dropper to drop different coloured water on a thick napkin and watch the spots smudge
  • $4.00

    Fine Motor Kit 6: Putting Through


    One very wavy straw,  20 felt circles and 25 silicon ear plugs. This activity kit helps train eye hand co-ordination, strengthen the fingers and promotes bi-lateral integration.

    Straw can be used for drinking too. Silicon ear plugs can also be used with tweezers for transferring actvities.

  • $19.50

    Fine Motor Skills Bundle 1


    5 Different fun activities bundled together:

    1. Stringing ear plugs through a plastic snake. Trains eye hand co-ordination, concentration and hand stability
    2. Linking 20 fishes through their tails, fins and mouth. Creative design
    3. Two spinning tops
    4. 50 caps for stacking using all fingers to pick up and stack. Caps can also be use for patterning activities and transferring objects as well as other creative activities
    5. Fixing 4 parts to a square and strengthening pincer grip.
  • $8.50

    Finger Feet


    Turn your fingers into legs with the Finger Feet. Made of soft vinyl, this 2” tall tiny tootsie is so much fun you’ll be tempted to run a marathon with your hand. Sold in Pairs

  • $59.50

    Finger Fidget Exerciser Kit


    Includes three 24″-long sleeves with one end open so therapist can mix and match components and activities. Two each of wooden, foam and chime balls and instructions.

  • $6.80

    Finger Soccer Game


    This fun desktop soccer game is perfect not only for the soccer fanatics but also a fantastic finger strengthening toy too.


  • $8.50

    Fingertip Stampers


    Kids adore these little fingertip stampers that slide right on their fingers! Imaginations will run wild decorating dough, making patterns in putty, using them like play fingernails, and much more! You'll love these little rubbery, non-toxic mini fingertip stampers!


      *Sold in pack of 8 pieces *


  • $12.50

    Flamingo Spinner


    The classic Wildlife Spinner toy has a surprise inside – it’s a cute Pink Flamingo! Just push the blue button with your thumb spinning the disk, making the earth open up, and revealing a beautiful Flamingo inside. The blue globe becomes a spinning blur as you see the Flamingo and then the planet closes again. Collect all of our Wildlife Spinning Globes and Flamingo gifts!

  • $2.50

    Flying Spinning Toy


    Simply hold Plastic Flying Spinning Toy with both hands together and roll it before releasing it.
    Watch it fly into the air.

  • $2.30

    Foam Paint Roller


    3″ wide foam rollers with plastic handles. Use with stencils for painting ease.
    Sold individually

  • $8.90

    Foam Shapes


    100 pcs of foam shapes for lacing or picking using hands or tongs.
    Colour and shape recognition.

  • $46.50

    Foam Stamps


    Foam Squishers. Fun foam stamps have an easy-to-grip handle, making them ideal for little hands! 20 slightly-detailed shapes include a dinosaur, boat, pig, kids and more. Up to 2-3/4″ x 2-1/4″. Set of 20.

  • $3.50

    Foam Tie My Shoe


    6″ by 4″ foam shoe shape for lacing practice.
    *Sold individually and randomly*

  • $2.80

    Fox Pullback Racer


    Pull back and watch it go. See who is the fastest.


    Assorted Colours     *Randomly Selected & Sold Individually

  • $2.00

    Fun Pack Wikki Stix


    This mini pack wikki stix is good as travelling companion, for party activities, for raining day home activities etc.
    Each pack consists of a picture outline and 8 wikki stix.

  • $9.50

    Gel Ball


    Gel Squeeze ball hand exercisers can be used for grip strength, dexterity, mobility, fine and gross motor skills. Available in various firmness levels


  • $6.50

    Glitter Pom Pom 2cm


    Glitter 2cm Pom Pom balls for art and craft activity, for transferring using tongs, as blow toys etc. Approx 30 pcs per pack

  • $12.50

    Glitter Theraputty Light/Red – 3 oz

  • $12.50

    Glitter Theraputty X-Light/Yellow – 3 oz

  • $4.50

    Glue Jar with Brush


    Cool and neat way to dispense glue and paint.
    Sold individually.