RT Oral Motor

  • $32.00

    Oralflo Cup


    Pill swallowing cup.


  • $13.50

    P’s & Q’s


    An innovative oral motor device designed to provide a resilient, chewable surface for practicing biting and chewing skills.

  • $1.50

    Pagavit Glycerin Swab 3


    Cotton-tipped applicators for oral hygiene; impregnated with glycerin and citric acid; the long-lasting apple-lemon taste is refreshing and invigorating. Pack of 3

  • $6.50

    Pan Flute Whistle


    There are 8 small pipes to blow into to get different sounds. Blow 2 at a time and hear the blending of sounds!


    Assorted Colours     *Randomly Selected & Sold Individually*

  • $1.20

    Party Blower

  • $28.50

    Piano Horn  


    It’s a piano and a horn, a 2 in 1 instrument.  Just press the keys to play different notes. Measures 16.5 x 2.25x 2.25 in box


    Assorted Colours     *Randomly Selected & Sold Individually*

  • $2.00

    Pinwheel Whistle


    Assorted Colours     *Randomly Selected & Sold Individually*

  • $10.50

    Polytubing Flexible Straws


    This polytubing is a durable, chewable, reusable alternative to traditional straws. It is the same medical grade tubing included with our Cip-Kup™ and Bear Bottle. It can also be used with our Lip Bloks and Select-Flow Valves. Length 6 inches Made in the USA

  • $18.50

    Pre-Hierarchy Horn


    The Pre-Hierarchy Horn produces sound with both inhalation and exhalation. Combined with the wide mouth opening, this proven tool helps very young children and clients with minimal airflow.


  • $16.90 $14.50

    Race Car Whistle

    $16.90 $14.50

      Just one blow makes the two cars race each other and produces a pleasing sound! Assorted Colours     *Randomly Selected & Sold Individually*

  • $4.90

    Rainbow Bottle


    Encourage prolonged blowing and eye tracking by keeping the string spiralling into the air and back through the bottle.


    Assorted Colours     *Randomly Selected & Sold Individually*

  • $4.80

    Round Kazoo


    Requires a humming sound to activate and less rounding of the lips over the mouthpiece. 2” Diameter 2”     Assorted Colours     *Randomly Selected & Sold Individually*

  • $35.50



    The Saxoflute Toy Musical Instrument is a super fun two-in-one activity toy perfect for creative toddlers and children of all ages.
    It features 15 durable pieces that easily connect to form a wide variety of musical instruments. Build your own trumpet, saxophone, flute or any other wild creation you can dream up. This building set is unbreakable and meets the highest safety standards. Enter a world of sound – completely created by you! For ages 2

  • $25.50

    Sensachew Pencil Toppers


    Something to chew on while working. Sold in a pack of 3.  

  • $3.00

    Short Siren Whistle


    his whistle encourages prolonged air flow.

    Assorted Colours     *Randomly Selected & Sold Individually*

  • $4.50

    Slide Whistle


    Change notes rapidly by sliding insert. Encourages prolonged exhalation. 9” Long

    Assorted Colours     *Randomly Selected & Sold Individually*

  • $7.50

    Slide Whistle with Metal Slide


    Well made slide whistle that offers two different tactile sensations to the hands: the plastic whistle and the metal slide. Metal slide slides easily and will not pull out of whistle tube. 7″ long.

  • $2.80

    Small Maroon Spoon


    Specialty spoon with a shallow, narrow bowl that facilities good lip closure and promote oral desensitization/decreased tongue thrust. Dishwasher safe plastic.


  • $11.50

    Small Textured Spoon


    The Textured Spoon combines oral-motor stimulation along with feeding. The key feature is a textured bottom, which provides increased oral-sensory stimulation to the tongue during the functional activity of tasting. This integration creates a smooth transition to conventional spoon-feeding

    Assorted Colours *Randomly Selected & Sold Individually*

  • $1.00

    Smiley Face Slide Whistle


    Blow and pull the slide to change the pitch of the sound.


    Assorted Colours     *Randomly Selected & Sold Individually*

  • $2.00

    Snake Whistle


    Bendable 10″L plastic whistles with pumpkin heads create eerie high-pitched sounds. Four assorted colors
    Price for 1 piece and randomly sold

  • $16.50

    Soft Animal Tip


    Their friendly faces immediately spark interest, improve concentration and increase willingness to participate in therapy.


    Assorted Designs *Randomly Selected & Sold Individually*

  • $15.50

    Spare Motor


    Replacement motor for z-vibe or Z-grabber.Price for 1 only

  • $6.20

    Spare Spring


    Package contains 4 compressions springs and 1 motor compression spring

  • $6.20

    Spare Switch Tip


    Need a spare Switch Tip for your Z-Vibe®? Colors may vary. These tips fit in both the plastic and aluminum handles and are used to turn the units off and on. Mix and match with the other Z-Vibe Tips to create your own color combinations!

  • $10.50

    Speak N Hear Phone


    Simply talk and hear your own voice bounce back.


  • $39.50



    The Spirometer is an excellent complement to the Horn and Bubble Hierarchies (which target abdominal grading and controlled oral airflow). It does not produce sound, so it is excellent for use with those who exhibit auditory defensiveness. It also features a dial which allows you to adjust the level of difficulty. Includes two mouthpieces (one flat, one round), and one nose clip. The Spirometer is especially useful for clients with VPI and children who need visual cues. The Spirometer helps build intraoral pressure and controlled airflow for adults, as well as for children, which translates into longer utterances, increased breath support, and coordination of tongue retraction with an open mouth posture required for vowel sounds.

  • $7.50

    Straw Connectors


    Use these short, shaped straws to teach sucking through a straw. As skill increases, segments can be added to increase difficulty. Includes 8 stacking straws.


  • $18.50

    Super Chew Green


    From Chewy Tube Family, this chewy has a closed loop handle which makes holding easy for young children.


  • $18.50

    Super Chew Knobby


    From Chewy Tube Family, this chewy has a closed loop handle which makes holding easy for young children.