RT Sensory Motor

  • Placeholder $15.50

    Biggie Frog


    Provides great tactile and proprioceptive input.

    He weighs 0.75lbs and is 9″ in length.

    Suitable for 3+. Colours may vary.

  • Placeholder $15.00

    Poly Pellets


    Approx 1kg plastic pellets for I spy bags, soft toy fillings, weights for weighted stuffs etc

  • Placeholder $9.50

    Rotating Chicken Pecking Toy


    Rotate the paddle and watch the chicken pecking on the board as if they are eating.

  • Placeholder $68.50

    Sensory Fidgets Pad


    Over 10 Sensory Fidgets, zipper, buckle, sliding object, strings for braiding, buttoning, small soft bear etc to keep hands busy.

  • Placeholder $39.50

    Tactile Weighted Bean Bag

  • Placeholder $2.80

    Nut & Bolt Fidget


    Small handy nut and bolt fidget or pencil topper for classroom fidgeting. Sold individually and randomly selected.

  • $3.50

    Whizzer Light Up Yo Yo


    Great for after dark! Grab the handles and spin the disc to ignite a vivid flashing light show! Batteries and instructions included. 2″.

  • $2.50

    Smiley Face Puzzle


    Do you have what it takes to make it through the maze and get to the center of the smiley face? 2-3/4″. Sold individually

  • $12.50

    Gyrobi Squared


    You can hold it comfortably and spin the colorful plastic squares in fascinating ways with the touch of a finger. Gyrobi brings together the science of gyroscopes and the pleasure of absent-minded fidgeting.

    Each Gyrobi is 3.5″ square.

  • $3.20

    Indoor Snowball


    Throw a snowball party anywhere with Snowtime Anytime Snowballs.

    For lots of wintry, snowy fun no matter the season or reason — these specially designed snowballs are light and fluffy and feel like a real snowball — without the mess!

    Soft and safe to toss, no slushy messes or frostbite, they even crunch when you squeeze them!

    Machine-washable polyester. Includes 30 soft snowballs in clear storage tub.
    Each snowball 3″ diameter.

  • $19.90

    Bag of 10 bugs


    These brightly colored creepy crawlers aren't just fun to play with — they're a fun medium for exploring a variety of issues in any small group setting:

    Set of 10 bugs — 5 bug varieties in a variety of colors.
    Dimensions: range of 2″ – 4″ long. Hard rubber.

  • $12.50

    Infinity Cube Fidget


    Another Fidgeting Favorite!

    Composed of 8 small cubes, each cube can be rotated from any direction and angle. Held lightly with two hands, you can flip the squares around in different and surprising ways, for a very satisfying experience. Made of high quality plastic, durable and lightweight.

    Product size: 1.5″ cube. Individually sold and randomly selected

  • $8.50

    Angle Twist Puzzle


    Here’s an unusual fidget toy that satisfies in multiple ways! As you gently twist and turn the metal pins, you discover more shapes and designs than you could imagine. We loved how it feels in your hands as you manipulate the joints.

    Each puzzle consists of metal springs and interconnected pins, and measures approx. 2.25″ diameter.

    Because the pins separate from the springs, this is not recommended for small children or youngsters (or oldsters) who enjoy testing the durability of their fidget toys.

    Enrich the “sensory diet” of your learners. Our “fiddles” may look like toys to the untrained eye, but they are truly serious learning tools. Kinesthetic learners will focus better and absorb your material more quickly if they have something to do with their hands.

  • $25.50

    Animal Hand Weight


    The animal hand weight is designed to promote the proper holding of the pencil. It has an adjustable strap to secure to the hand of the child, thus making
    it a size fits most children.

  • $1.80

    Porcupine Pencil Topper


    A fidget pencil topper which can be use at home, classroom or anywhere!

    *Sold Individually & Randomly Selected*

  • $4.80

    Velvet Pencil Topper


    Velvety animal pencil topper for children. Can be a fun fidget in the classroom too.

    *Sold Individually & Randomly Selected*

  • $15.50



    Twiggler, the Break Dance Toy.

  • $59.90

    Vibrating Foot Slippers




    One size fits all comfy slippers with knobby feel. Require 2 “D” batteries (not included)



  • $39.50

    Pin Art Large

  • $4.50

    Light Up YoYo Puffer Ball

  • $22.00

    Mini Pin Art


    Frame with close to 700 plastic pins for sensory touch and creative impressions. Box 13.5 cm tall.

  • $8.50

    Dancing Ball


    Insert 4 AA Batteries into the ball and watch the ball dance away

  • $32.50

    Animal Massager


    These massagers provide localised vibration & massage. They are perfect for calming,  massage and sensory therapy.  Power off for a rolling massage. Double A batteries not included. Dimensions: 4″L x 3″H.

    *Sold individually & selected randomly*

  • $15.50

    Fidget Ring


    Another fidget for busy fingers and active mind.

  • $8.50

    Massaging Block


    Good quality wood block with angles for self massaging on palms, fingers and body. Sold individually and randomly selected

  • $42.50

    Rubber Duckie Massager


    Even fearful clients will find it hard to resist these adorable massagers. Activate the massagers by pressing on their backs and encourage perception of cause and effect. The virtually silent vibrations will allow you to use these massagers anywhere, even in the bathtub. Animal Massagers’ exterior surfaces are constructed of waterproof PVC and are latex free.

  • $3.80

    Chain Fidget


    Small palm fidget to keep busy hands occupied.

  • $8.50

    Spinning Cube Fidget


    3.2cm cube with 2 angles moving for keeping fingers busy and active. It works as a spinning cube

  • $15.50

    Color Changing Crystal Lamp


    Westminster Color Changing Crystal Lamp provides exciting visual stimulation! Features color changing crystals inside. When activated, it will change brightness and colors. Stands 6 inch in height. Batteries included. Ages 6 and Above.

  • $39.50

    Panda Theme Wired Headphone


    Califone Listening First Kids Wired Headphone in Panda Design has an adjustable headband that offers comfort for extended wear. Headphone is designed for young students and is ideal for beginning computer classes and story-time uses. Headphone gives volume control for individual preferences and comes with ambient noise-reducing ear cups to deliver maximum protection against exterior sounds. Headphones are reinforced strain connection to resist accidental pull out. Lengthy 6 ft straight cord with 3.5 mm plug set at right angle helps to reduce an accidental pull-out. Bear headphone features rugged ABS plastic ear cups that resist breakage in high-use situations. Headphone featuring replaceable leatherette ear cushions and are compatible with Mac and Windows