Silver Fun

  • $29.90

    100 pc Puzzle


    Designed for anyone ready for the next challenge, 100-piece cardboard jigsaws reward puzzlers with a variety of stunning designs. These cardboard jigsaw puzzles are made using durable, high-quality materials and handmade dies that make every piece shape unique. The sturdy pieces resist peeling, fading and creasing, so the stunning high-gloss artwork will stay looking great for years to come! Sold Individually and randomly selected.

  • $75.50

    3D Feel & Find


    Contains 20 matching wooden shapes and printed tiles in a reusable, durable cloth bag. Deal out the tiles and have children reach into the bag to Feel & Find™ the corresponding wooden shape. Play alone or in larger groups. A great visual and tactile exercise. 10 geometric and 10 object shapes which can be used as 20 little puzzles.

  • $29.50

    48pc Wood Puzzle – Butterflies


    This exciting scene encourages lots of fine-motor-skills practice.
    48-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle
    Colorful artwork is filled with details to discover!
    Sturdy wooden tray
    Promote fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem solving.

  • $16.50

    Bells in a Ball


    Fun to throw, roll and pass around.
    Internal jingle bells make an “ear-catching” noise.
    The auditory stimulation gets more folks involved.
    An excellent way to build participation and confidence!
    6″ diameter

  • $55.50

    Colour Squish Fidget Pad


    The perfect fidget for all ages! Fun, colorful, soothing, mesmerizing, practically addicting, and one of the coolest fidgets available! Sure to keep users engaged when stressed, bored, or seeking sensory input and perfect for clients with autism and sensory integration disorder. Improves focus and concentration while exercising fine motor skills. Made of a clear PVC material with non-toxic, colored oil and water filling. Measures 10-3/4” square. Easily wipes clean. Colors may vary.

  • $59.50

    Finger Fidget Exerciser Kit


    Includes three 24″-long sleeves with one end open so therapist can mix and match components and activities. Two each of wooden, foam and chime balls and instructions.

  • $39.50

    Floor Puzzle – Underwater Ocean Floor


    48 extra-thick cardboard pieces
    Beautiful original artwork
    Easy-Clean surface keeps puzzle looking new.
    Promotes hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.
    2 feet x 3 feet when assembled
    Suitable for ages 5 to 99

  • $39.50

    Floor Puzzle: Search & Find Ocean Floor


    8 extra-thick cardboard pieces
    Completed puzzle features search-and-find activity.
    Easy-Clean surface keeps puzzle looking new.
    Over 4 feet long
    Promotes hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.
    Suitable for ages 5 to 99

  • $18.50

    Happy Sticks


    Good for music movements, hand strengthening & many fun ways to play with!

    You can check out the Happy Sticks video online for more details.

  • $85.50



    Inimove Hand trains the fine motor skills of the hand and stabilizes the wrist. By using Inimove Hand, you increase muscle flexibility, strengthen the joints, and increase blood circulation. Other effects can be prevention of tensions and mouse arm. Quite a few experience a relaxing effect when using Inimove Hand.

    Supination and pronation as well as radial and ulnar flexion of the wrist are all trained with the use of the device, which helps to provide complex and more natural movements.

    Inimove Hand 2, weight 75 g

  • $69.50

    Jumbo Design Cubes with Pattern Cards


    These are trickier than they look! Kids need to match the pattern on the cards with the jumbo cubes with different geometric patterns screen printed directly onto the plastic (will not peel). You also get 6 cards (double sided) with patterns. The cards are large enough to build directly on for beginners, and more advanced users can build off the cards or make their own patterns.
    The 16 jumbo-size (1 ½”) cubes are plastic with silk-screened designs on all 6 sides (no paper to peel).
    6 double sided laminated cards (Jumbo sized to build directly on if desired)
    Storage tray with lid holds all cards and blocks

  • $11.50

    Magnetic Puzzle


    Eliminate the frustration of trying to fit small puzzle pieces together with our exciting magnetic puzzle sets! Easily assemble beautifully illustrated scenes with puzzle pieces that are magnetically captured by the 9″ x 9″ board. Pieces are large and pliable, making them easy to handle. Magnetic puzzles are creative way to encourage hand-eye coordination and gently challenge visual acuity, dexterity and fine-motor skills, and the bold, colorful, real-life images provide opportunities for conversation
    Picture randomly selected

  • $32.50

    OSM Doodle Disk


    OSM (Object for Spatial Manipulation) Doodle Disk acts as both a visual wonder and a stress reliever. It is a sculptural toy that can turn in an endless, seemingly magical loop. OSM Doodle Disk comes with three white and three black disks that can snap apart. You can also use multiple sets to create different chains and circles! Features: Rotates in an endless, seemingly magical loop, can combine multiple sets into different chains and circles, a natural stress reliever and is fun for all. Made in lead-free, phthalate-free, and BPA-free POM plastic.

  • $89.50



    Strategy and simplicity criss-cross and entwine!

    Pallina’s bamboo sticks and colorful wooden balls keep excitement in the balance.

    Begin by placing the bamboo basket on the felt mat. Slide the 20 colorful bamboo sticks through the basket to make a sturdy base and then rest the 16 colorful balls on top.

    Now choose your color(s) – red, blue, yellow, orange – And on your turn, pull out bamboo sticks of your color one at a time.

    Proceed thoughtfully. Prevent wooden balls in your color from falling. If you can keep the very last of your colorful spheres suspended in the top part of the basket – You win!

    Made of beautiful bamboo with simple rules, eco-friendly Pallina is fascinating strategy-fun for all ages.

    A bamboo strategy game of sticks and falling spheres
    Encourages fine motor skills, strategic thinking
    Simple rules, keep the balls of your color from falling
    Color options: red, orange, blue, yellow
    Eco-friendly, made from renewable bamboo
    Includes bamboo funnel basket, 20 bamboo sticks, 16 wooden balls, felt mat
    Detailed game instructions included
    Durable cardboard cylinder container with handle for storage
    Made of strong bamboo, wood, felt materials
    Enjoyed by a wide range of ages

  • $89.50

    Playable ART Ball


    Limitless creativity in the palm of your hand. Design your own artistic display with this ingenious take on the classic stress ball. This wooden ART Ball features twenty multi-color interconnected spheres that can be turned, twisted, and scrunched into an endless array of elegant configurations. So beautiful that you can’t help but pick it up and play with it! And on the rare occasions it gets to rest, no matter how it’s configured – it STILL looks spectacular. The ART Ball can even be combined with multiple sets allowing the user to craft truly unique works of art. Designed in Germany and made out of high-quality beech wood

  • $29.50

    Puzzle – 60pc World of Bugs


    Cardboard jigsaw puzzle
    60 pieces
    Exciting insect theme
    Durable construction
    Promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving skills

  • $32.50

    Sensory Cyclinder


    Focus clients on a sensory activity like no other, literally filled with small movement challenges! Our fun inflatable cylinder is clear plastic with 4 dividers inside. Clients simply rotate the cylinder to work 3 small plastic jingle balls through holes on each level. The Sensory Cylinder is a fresh new way to engage gross motor and visual tracking skills, with an auditory twist! Measures 7-1/2″ diameter x 24″H.