Activa Disc 40cm

The regular use of Original Pezzi® Activa Disc helps tone trunk and abdominal muscles without strain or effort. It serves as prevention of leg injuries. The Original Pezzi® Activa Disc are ideal in preparation for group sports, proprioreceptive exercises and equilibrium in postural gymnastics as well as rehabilitation in physiotherapy treatment of ankle pathologies.
The Original Pezzi® Activa Disc Maxafe® is made of the exclusive flexton silpower® (patent) material developed by our company and if used in accordance with the requirements contained in the instructions and warnings manual, they slowly deflate in the event of accidental damage caused by small tears or punctures, thus providing a safety factor to the user.
Furthermore, cuts (up to 5 mm.) or small holes , can be repaired with the specially designed “Fixa-Kit”.
The level of inflation of this item is up to the discretion of the educator or user. Can be used on the chair.

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