ARK proButton Set for Lip Closure

ARK’s proButton™ Set is a fun and engaging way to work on lip closure and lip strength, fundamental skills needed for proper speech and feeding development.
Speech therapists have been doing a “button pull” lip closure activity with their clients since the 1970s by tying string through buttons. ARK’s proButton set offers a safer, professional upgrade of that classic oral motor exercise – no more small parts or thin string to worry about!

Each proButton™ set includes two double-sided handles for a total of four different “button” diameters. The yellow handle has buttons of .5″ and .6″ in diameter (labeled 1 and 2, respectively). The teal handle has buttons of .7″ and .8″ in diameter (labeled 3 and 4, respectively).

Starting with the largest button that comfortably fits in the individual’s mouth, place the “button” inside the lips (in front of the teeth). Have the individual close their lips around the button while you pull and do a gentle “tug and pull” motion for resistance. Eventually transition to the smaller diameter buttons as the individual progresses. More detailed instructions are included.

Working on lip closure can help improve feeding skills, drinking skills, saliva control, speech sound production, and more

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