ARK Textured Goshabunga Gabber (Large Hollow/XT)

ARK’s Goshabunga Grabber® P Tube is a larger version of the original hollow Grabber. Although teens and adults can use the original as well, this Goshabunga version has a much larger loop to comfortably fit larger hands, and the stem is about .3″ longer.
About 2″ of the stem is hollow instead of solid. The tube-like stem is perfect for individuals who want their chew tool to “collapse” more, whether as a sensory chew and/or in feeding therapy. As an oral motor tool, use it to practice biting/chewing skills without the risk of choking, build jaw strength and stability, and exercise the mouth muscles. Put puréed foods inside the tube for functional biting/chewing practice so that the individual gets a taste of food when they bite down. Because the hollow tube provides less resistance than the solid original Grabbers, this is a great “starter” chew tool for individuals with limited jaw strength

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