Ask & Answer WH Questions

This interactive program presents the five WH Ask & Answer Fun Decks (280 questions and answers). Each question card presents a colorful illustration and a basic WH question. Students select an answer from three possible choices.
Several game playing options allow the student to choose the number of cards or decks to play within each game, as well as to play with sound on or off. Students receive positive feedback with every correct or incorrect answer. This program saves and tracks student performance and progress on the computer’s hard drive. Use the data to create reports with one click of the mouse!
Webber Ask & Answer WH Questions Interactive Fun Decks CD-ROM

Includes the five Ask & Answer Fun Decks Who? What? When? Where? Why?
Four different game play options allow students to play with ten cards from one deck, an entire deck, or two to five decks at a time.
Tracks data for an unlimited number of students.
Gives automatic feedback for correct/incorrect responses.
Prints student reports for parents and teachers with one click of the mouse.

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