Brick Stick Chewable Pencil Topper (XT/Medium)

Big bumps on one side, small on the other; Click for all 10 colors|||Does chewing on pencils or pen caps sound familiar? Made in the USA, ARK’s Brick Stick™ Chewable Pencil Topper is a perfect solution. Chewing can be a very effective way to help calm, self-regulate, and focus, so these chewy pencil covers are a perfect pairing for homework, note-taking, and more. As an added bonus, they also provide extra weight to the pencil, which provides increased hand awareness and promotes proper pencil positioning.

Each topper is solid on one end for chewing, hollow on the opposite end to conveniently fit over standard #2 pencils, and textured all around for extra tactile input. The front side features large bumps, with small bumps on the back side for varied sensory input. Like all other ARK chews, they come in 3 color-coded toughness levels:

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