Conversation Starters: Home & Family

How do they work?

The conversation starters series uses two stages for teaching conversation. Stage one teaches students to spontaneously answer questions.  Stage two teaches students to inquire about other people and to initiate conversations. Each set includes six different topics with a yellow card signifying the start of each new topic. Known as a “Speech Teacher's Dream,” they're so convenient you can carry them in your pocket or clip them to your key ring and use them throughout the day. The front of each card poses a fun and interesting question about the topic. Flip it over and the beginning of the answer is on the back, encouraging students to fill in the blanks.

Simply brilliant technique to teach conversation skills!

Stage One

Teach students to respond in conversational format. Ask them a question and flip over the card so they see the beginning of the answer. This prompts students to fill in the blanks and encourages them to think of appropriate answers. It teaches students to be spontaneous and use different answers every time you use this pack.

Stage Two

Let students ask YOU the question and YOU fill in the blanks. This teaches students to inquire about other people. It teaches students to ask another question after getting a response. This set has absolutely astounding results!

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