Strategy and simplicity criss-cross and entwine!

Pallina’s bamboo sticks and colorful wooden balls keep excitement in the balance.

Begin by placing the bamboo basket on the felt mat. Slide the 20 colorful bamboo sticks through the basket to make a sturdy base and then rest the 16 colorful balls on top.

Now choose your color(s) – red, blue, yellow, orange – And on your turn, pull out bamboo sticks of your color one at a time.

Proceed thoughtfully. Prevent wooden balls in your color from falling. If you can keep the very last of your colorful spheres suspended in the top part of the basket – You win!

Made of beautiful bamboo with simple rules, eco-friendly Pallina is fascinating strategy-fun for all ages.

A bamboo strategy game of sticks and falling spheres
Encourages fine motor skills, strategic thinking
Simple rules, keep the balls of your color from falling
Color options: red, orange, blue, yellow
Eco-friendly, made from renewable bamboo
Includes bamboo funnel basket, 20 bamboo sticks, 16 wooden balls, felt mat
Detailed game instructions included
Durable cardboard cylinder container with handle for storage
Made of strong bamboo, wood, felt materials
Enjoyed by a wide range of ages



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