Raccoon Rumpus

Costumes, critters and matching–oh my! Join the party! Raccoons have raided your closet and now they’re having a wild party. Help these masked bandits get dressed—the critter that collects the most costumes wins. Watch out for the underwear! This matching card game made with preschoolers in mind. Perfect for car trips, airplane flights, waiting room visits, and more!
How to play:
1. Take turns rolling the jumbo color die and jumbo costume die and searching the costume cards for a match.
2. Place the matching costume card on your raccoon.
3. Watch out for the underwear or you’ll lose all your costumes.
4. Roll a rainbow and pick any costume you want.
5. Collect 5 costume cards first and you win!
Includes: 4 raccoon cards, 20 costume cards, 1 jumbo color die, 1 jumbo costume die, and game guide

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