What Are They Thinking?

An inspiring and creative resource for developing empathy, understanding feelings and recognizing emotions, ColorCards®: What Are They Thinking? is designed to stimulate animated discussion. These imaginative photocards provide an innovative way of initiating conversation with individuals and groups and are also useful for creative writing with all ages. The user imagines what the people are thinking and how they may feel in a similar situation, then fills in the speech bubble either verbally or in writing. Some cards show just one person, others show a child or adult reacting to the speech or behavior of other people.

The cards may be used in any order or context, but they have been grouped with suggestions for use under the following categories:

Dealing with trouble
Tests and achievement
Being left out

ColorCards®: What Are They Thinking? can be used to focus on:

Verbal and non-verbal language
The relationship between thoughts and feelings
Recognizing that speech and behavior affect other people
The influences on thoughts and feelings of factors such as surprise, stress and confrontation
Caring Attitudes

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