Bouncy Band for Elementary School Chair

The ORIGINAL Bouncy Bands for Chairs help students move while they work. Children enjoy bouncing their feet and feeling the tension to relieve their anxiety, hyperactivity, frustration, or boredom. Made in the USA.
The support pipes attach to the Bouncy Band to prevent them from slipping off the chair legs and becoming a nuisance. The support pipes are 4″ long and 1.5″ in diameter. Chairs can still be stacked and moved as normal.
Bouncy Bands are easy to install, since the loops and tubes quickly slide up the 2 front legs of the chair. The band stretches to fit chairs with legs 14-17″ apart.
Teachers love how Bouncy Bands for Chairs are quiet and don’t disturb or distract other students.
Bouncy Bands are safe. Unlike Chinese knock-offs, these are made in the USA and they have been safety tested to prove that they do not contain latex. Also, since children put their feet on the front two legs, it prevents them from leaning backwards (and falling).

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