Building Writers E

Building Writers offers extra practice for writing skills development and can be easily incorporated into a writing block as independent writing or as whole group practice to meet your students' varying needs. Students become better, more fluent writers as they write about cross-curricular topics and practice three writing styles: narrative, information, and opinion.

Structured practice to build core writing skills
Developmental approach to writing
Offers customizable writing templates to fit with any topic
Builds confident communicators and improves overall communication skills
Practical application of handwriting skills
Eliminates the need for worksheets
Building Writers (E)
Fourth Grade students practice three writing styles:

Narrative: Students write a story with a clear sequence of events; introduce a narrator and characters; enhance the story with dialogue and description; and use a variety of transitional words and phrases to show the order of events
Information: Students practice clearly introducing a topic; organizing their information into paragraphs and sections; writing facts, definitions, and details about their topic; using topic-specific vocabulary; connecting ideas with linking words and phrases; and writing a conclusion
Opinion: Students clearly state their opinion and introduction; organize their supporting reasons; write facts and details; clearly connect their opinions and reasons with linking words; and write a conclusion

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