Critical Thinking Set for Teens & Up

Each of the four decks in this set prepare teens and young adults for independence, teaching how to problem solve, make effective decisions, predict outcomes and deal with emotions that arise every day. Each ring has 30 cards with a crisp photograph on the front, while the back teaches and guides the student on handling everyday challenges. The set covers the following topics:
PREDICTIONS: Predictions play an important role in our decision making process. We predict the possible rewards and consequences which enable us to make effective decisions.
FACT OR INFERENCE: Facts are statements based on observations. Inferences are personal interpretations based on facts. Studies show that understanding the difference between facts and inferences greatly contributes to reading comprehension and communication skills.
PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS: The more you practice problem solving skills in a calm environment, the more adept you become at handling problems in the real world.
EMOTIONS AND HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM: We’ve all been in situations when our emotions have caused us to behave in ways we’d rather forget. This pack will teach your students to recognize emotions and how to deal with them.

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