Follow Your Nose Bingo Game

The remarkable aromas in this game set provide both adults and children four years or older with an extraordinary opportunity to explore and discover the world via an amazing new dimension. Here is a simple game which fascinates children and adults in the discovery of our least used, yet most acute, sense: the sense of smell.

Follow Your Nose Game Set Includes:

5 Game Boards

30 Boxes which, when opened, release the scents of flowers, fruits, plants and household items.

1 instruction leaflet with 2 sets of game rules,

The scents in this game have been carefully chosen by a perfumer, Veronique Debroise, whose work is dedicated to educating people on the different senses. She has chosen the following aromas to titillate your olfactory for the purposes of this game: Eucalyptus, Melon, Vanilla, Mushroom, Lilly of the Valley, Violet, Lavender, Coconut, Grapefruit, Apple, Hazelnut, Grass, Banana, Rose, Mint, Pineapple, Biscuit, The Sea, Strawberry, Orange, Honeysuckle, Pine, Apricot, Blackcurrant, Honey, Lemon, Wood Fire, Orange Blossom, Fennel ans Soap.

The Mission at SentoSphere is to encourage children's innate curiosity and innovative play. All SentoSphere products are designed to let children explore their creativity, their imaginations and their talents.

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