Smart Kids Social Skills Game

This set of six social skills board games will help prepare students for a variety of socially challenging or confusing social situations. Instead of write or wrong answers, players must work together to solve each social challenge question. This format encourages lots of group discussion as students explore making good choices, manners, empathy, friendship, emotional expression, and emotional management.

These games feature simple directions with questions that are printed on the game boards. To play just roll the die and move that number of spaces, Answer the question on that spot or use the spinner.This is a perfect set to add to your therapy time or resource room.

Games Include:

How Others Feel- Learn empathy by understanding the perspective of another.
Acting Out- Dealing with Showing Emotions
Manners- Important manners for social success.
Mountain of Emotions- Simple Strategies for emotion management.
What Should You Do? How to make good choices.
What Makes A Good Friend?- Simple tips for being a good friend.

This set includes 6 boards, 24 counters, 1 die, 1 spinner. Most appropriate for grades 1-5.

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