Incentive spirometers gently exercise the lungs by INHALING (Breathe in) the air from the device and it will work upside and down when you EXHALE (Breathe Out) which aid in keeping the lungs as healthy as possible. The device helps retrain your lungs how to take slow and deep breaths.
Using your Respiratory Spirometer exercises your lungs, measures how well your lungs fill with air and helps keep your tiny air sacs (alveoli) inflated.
Taking just a few moments each day to practice some deep breathing exercises can decrease stress, relax your mind, body and can help you sleep better. When we take deep breaths, the upward and downward movement of the Spriometer helps remove the toxins from the body promoting better blood flow.
This device helps to develop, improve and maintain respiratory fitness. It is useful in restoring and maintaining lungs capacity of post operative ambulatory and COPD patients.
After each use, clean the mouthpiece of your spirometer with warm water and soap. Don't reuse a disposable mouthpiece for more than 24 hours.

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