Trace the 8s

Trace the 8s is based on the infinity sign that has been modified by the Brain Gym program as the Lazy 8. Now, an occupational therapist has professionalized it and provided many other activities that can be incorporated into the exercise such as increasing the number of ‘8’s’ and adding shapes, letters, numbers, words and spaces into the design.

Set includes 10 fully laminated charts of increasing complexity, 2 dry erase markers and an eraser. Charts are meant to be used in a variety of ways and in various positions and orientations. Also comes with an Information Sheet outlining how to use, skills addressed, suggested variations, care and maintenance.

Children and adults begin by positioning the first chart at their nose (midline) and use their finger or dry erase pen to trace the smaller ring on the left through the middle of the design up to smallest ring on the right and around to complete the pattern. Each successive ring is followed in the same pattern. This is continued for the next two rings. As the charts progress they include shapes, letters, numbers and words. The individual can be asked to identify what their pen is going over, or to color a shape with a pen for scanning skills, or many other possibilities. The tracing is intended to be done slowly, fluidly and with a fair amount of accuracy.

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